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IIT-JEE: How to ace Physics

April 03, 2007 15:42 IST
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With the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) just a few days away, the pressure is on for students to get their act together.


IIT-JEE trainer Sharad Awasthi from Career Launcher was on hand to help clear your doubts in Physics on March 27.

For those who missed the chat, here's the transcript.

Purnix asked, Is Maharashtra CET preparation enough for JEE?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, Maharashtra CET is quite simple and hence preparation for it is not enough for JEE.



anupshewale2007 asked, I am a candidate from Maharashtra, I want to know that about new pattern of iit-jee entrance. I was aware that previously the exam was taken in two steps, but now it is conducted in only one step. I would like to know about the new pattern of question paper. Thank you.


Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, The new IIT-JEE pattern has two exams each of three hours duration. Each paper will have all the three subjects though the composition of each paper is not mentioned. The paper will be objective type.



Rashit asked, Can u please suggest some standard text books in physics for iit-jee? Recently I wrote my class X exam.

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, Buy Concepts Of Physics by H C Verma volume 1 and 2.



Utpal asked, Hi sir, can u please tell me if I should give JEE again, I have got a AIR of 1100, I am interested in Comp Sc

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, Utpal, if you have already joined one of the IITs then, as per their policy, you cannot write JEE again. 


Suraj asked, sir, what topics can we expect from general physics in JEE 2007?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, Refer to the JEE papers of the past few years and focus more on Mechanics (Kinematics, Collisions, Particle Dynamics).The cut-off in physics in JEE is close to 30-35 per cent. Hence, my suggestion to you is to focus on topics you are good at.



Kush asked, in phase diagram of electric circuit how do we see which one is lagging or leading? Can't we see if one is trying to trace other?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, You can check the lead or lag from the phase difference.



Amitavadas asked, can one leave out some topics like rot dyn if one doesn't get its full nuances now?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, Yes, you can always leave a few topics such as rotation, because the cut-off in JEE is close to 30 per cent; first aim at securing this much.



Arjun asked, How can I get a paper of IIT-JEE before the exam. Do you offer any such scheme?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, You can always subscribe to the mock test series offered by coaching institutes.



Rajneesh asked, Hello Sir, I am from AP and studying state syllabus which is different from Central Syllabus. How should one prepare. Is it enough to study state syllabus or central syllabus. What do you suggest?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, Almost all the topics of the state and the central syllabus match. I suggest you to take up the brochure of IIT-JEE and match the topics with your state syllabus of Class 11th and 12th.You will see that it is mostly similar.



Sairajee asked, is iit orientation helpful for aieee too or is there any requirement of totally different one?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, The orientation is the same, but the AIEEE paper will be slightly easy.



Vpsudhakar asked, How much years of preparation should go into for appearing in IIT-JEE and passing out successfully? Should we start by our Ninth Standard itself?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, I think starting after Class X is the right time as the syllabus for the JEE is the same as that of Class XI and XII put together.


AMOGH asked, how to succeed in physics of IIT JEE?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, Analyse few years papers of the last few years. Try to do those topics first that assure you 30-35 per cent in the JEE exam, because that is usually the cut-off every year. Then plan for more to improve your rank



Psb asked, what types of question will be in the exam? short type or what ?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, The expected types of questions will be: MCQs with one choice correct, MCQs with more than one choice correct, comprehension based questions, match the following and assertion and reasoning.



Aniruddha asked, what are books I should follow and which module I should concentrate on? Pl give me the safe cut-off this year?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, Concepts Of Physics Vol 1 and 2 by H C Verma, and last few years IIT-JEE papers of any publication. The safe cut-off can be expected to be around 30-35 per cent.



SG asked, what is the weightage of the Class 12 physics syllabus in the JEE paper?

Dr Sharad Awasthi answers, Almost 50 per cent.



Dr Sharad Awasthi says, I hope the chat session has been beneficial to all of you. Wish you all the best for the IIT-JEE. Thanks.


Part II:  IIT -- JEE : Study tips on Physics

~ Sharad Awasthi is the CEO and President of the school test-prep division of Career Launcher, which was founded by Satyanarayan R in 1995. The company entered the IIT-JEE test-prep arena by acquiring Arc, the market leader in Mumbai and since then has been successfully training students for JEE in India and Dubai.

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